About Frontrunners Development

Frontrunners Development builds its foundation on relationships. 


Mary Kurek is the President and CEO of Frontrunners Development

 which was founded in 2019 with a prior history of more than a dozen years of professional business introductions made involving the video games, entertainment, and sports industries.  

Kurek’s background includes work on the NC Governor’s Press Staff and programming schedules on two international programs, both headquartered in Research Triangle Park, NC and focused on cultural awareness and professional relationship building. The US Information Agency in DC sponsored one of the programs, requiring protocol-heavy agendas and interpreters for international dignitaries.

Kurek spent 8 years as Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce in the community surrounding the world’s largest Marine Corps Air Station (Cherry Point) and another 8 + years as Director/Interim Director with county government in Aging Services.   

A published business author and multimedia producer/host, Kurek has developed relationships through her media platforms with innovators, NGO leaders, and diplomats in more than 80 countries and formed a community referred to as the Frontrunners League. This community forms the basis for much of the business development work for her company.

Kurek is a graduate of the US Chamber Institute for Organization Management and serves on several global economic development and youth-focused advisory boards. She is an appointee to the NC Governor’s Council on Aging, an appointee as Trade and Investment Counselor to the Royal House of Madagascar, a recipient of the NC Order of the Long Leaf Pine and an commendation from the Commanding General of USMC Cherry Point for outstanding service and liaison between the base and community.

Kurek is an active business partner with several consulting networks and three global companies aimed at impacting marginalized areas of the world. She is a proud Rotary Club member. 


Transforming Visions into Reality

Since 2010, we’ve evolved from the entertainment industry to creating impactful, innovative ventures. Our digital magazine, The Introducer, and video podcast, Frontrunners Innovate, have built a global network of over 650 leaders, driving powerful collaborations and opportunities worldwide.


Born out of the fast-paced and technologically advanced games and entertainment industries (2010) we transitioned into working in innovative spaces with an impact focus...always refining our business development model.

Media Base

Early on, we realized that supporting our clients with some form of visibility would be helpful to attracting good connections in order to service their interests. We started the first online international digital magazine focused on business networking called The Introducer (2017) which eventually became a video podcast in 2020 called Frontrunners Innovate. The podcast quickly became an important business development vehicle for us garnering clients, partners, funding opportunities for clients, and diplomatic relationships we’ve utilized to begin projects for ourselves and others in what is now our “Frontrunners League” community.

Business Development Pool.

The Frontrunners League (the over 650) global innovators, experts, business/NGO/government leaders, and diplomats we have interviewed over the past years since we started our media journey collectively make up our business development pool. We interact with many in a multitude of ways that grow relationships and bring on new ones. It’s this wonderful group of good-hearted and talented leaders that we work with to conduct business and create impact in the world. They have consistently opened doors to new opportunities, shared access to their own networks, partnered with each other on projects, transacted business, offered assistance and advice, and even went out of their way to help with a rescue when asked. We believe there isn’t anything they cannot do. We think you’ll come to believe that, as well

Relationship Building

Some Frontrunners in action

Yoghas Foundation Ambassador Moses Busher with the Yorghas Foundation (left) with Honorary Consul General for Malawi to Israel, Nir Gess meeting about our partnership to work on projects for Chisi Island in Malawi. This is one of a couple of projects that would not have been possible if not for a partnership we helped to put in place between the Honorable Nir Gess and our partners at Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions in the U.S.

We arranged for PPP Expert and National Chancellor (UAE), Int’l Association for Educators of World Peace (left) to meet His Excellency, Syed Algazi who serves as Honorary Consul of India - Presidential Envoy to India & SAARC-Royal Family Member of Hyderabad India. The occasion was a special event in Dubai, hosted by HE Algazi.

Chancellor Dinesh Shuka of the American International University, West Africa met with two of our Frontrunners, Dr (Hon)Angela Okemena Unufe-Kennedy (left) and Alina Pelka, Founder of the Yoghas Foundation (right) at his university in The Gambia. The meeting resulted in some assistance with medical supplies in the country as well as some lasting friendships.

Former Congressman Mark Siljander (right) led a diplomatic delegation to Sudan in 2021 (meeting with the President and other leaders) that included two other Frontrunners. Dr. Rollan Roberts (center) whom we had interviewed just weeks before we interviewed Cong. Siljander and about two months before the trip to Sudan. An introduction we made between them is what put Dr. Roberts on the delegation roster in 2021 as well as a return trip to Sudan in 2022. (photo below) The gentleman peeping over Siljander’s shoulder is former Congressman and retired US Ambassador to Denmark, Richard Swett of Climate Prosperity Enterprise Solutions, whom we interviewed a bit later and have been working with on several large global economic development projects for a few years. Far left is Gary Waldron who works with Congressman Siljander’s team.

Lumbie Mlambo is known widely as “The Water Lady.” She is actually the founder of JB Dondolo, a nonprofit organization focused on providing clean water solutions for Africa, with a particular focus on Zimbabwe. Her visibility as a spokeswoman for the cause has grown to the point of gaining her stage presence at major global climate events, United Nations speaking engagements, awards, fellowships, and even a NASDAQ grant. Connecting her with Ian Parker and team Healixa (innovators of the “eternal spring” clean water device) resulted in her pitching them to investors and securing them speaking opportunities at UN events, testing site introductions, and other meaningful connections, as well.

Business and impact continue to flow from these connections and there are plenty more. You can get a good sense of our Frontrunners League Community from a visit to our Projects page. And, actually, many of the relationships we see now within our community have had their beginnings on our podcast, so be sure to check the Podcast link to keep up with who we’re meeting.

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