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We are a global business development company and we have the one thing you need most to thrive:  a diverse network that can solve problems and provide opportunities.

Why Frontrunners Development?

Whether you are a founder with an innovation in progress, an executive expanding a business, or an NGO or government leader with a challenge, moving forward always comes down to having the right relationships. 

Developing relationships takes time, skill, and a personality that really enjoys meeting new people.

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We have the relationships you need

“I always want to have someone close to me that I can borrow a million from and to whom I wouldn’t mind lending a million. That’s trust!  Takes time to find and build a relationship like that, but, it’s worth it.”  
–Cass Flowers 

First, we know that time is something most decision-makers don’t have.  Second, global relationship development requires a specific skill that only comes with experience, a heart for diversity, and a talent for seeing possibilities where others may not. Third, and most important, a genuine desire to meet and support people is what builds trust, which is what develops relationships. So, even if you had the time, would you have the rest of what you need to develop this critically important asset?  We do.

Here's What Awaits You

Discover the Depths of Our Relationship Offerings.

Opportunities (Projects, Trade, Deals)

Business leads (Clients, Partners)

Resources (Manufacturers, Supply Chain/Logistics,

Global Solutions (Infrastructure, Econ Dev

Envoy Connections (Diplomatic)

Change is unthinkable until it becomes impossible and then it becomes inevitable.

Laura Liswood

The space between unthinkable and inevitable is filled with sleepless hours of anxiety and doubt, lack of funding, obsessive work schedules, and a frustrating roller coaster of wins and losses. Meanwhile, everyone’s waiting…waiting for a solution…waiting for you. You are the one who should not be waiting. Let us help by connecting you to our community of relationships where innovation and opportunity become the foundation of business that makes a difference.

We're Unique And Research Supports Our Focus

Diversity of contacts, resources, spaces, and opportunities

The trust we’ve built is transferred to those we serve and facilitated toward a goal.

Impact focused

We like knowing that the connections we make change lives and improve our world.

Access to large space-specific networks

We are part of several large networks of resources in particular spaces or with specific demographics. 

Innovation champions

We are attracted to innovation and credible founders with a well-organized approach to progress toward commercialization. Our network includes relationships we’ve built with resources for these founders.

Opportunity Initiator

When we see an opportunity to partner up with some of our clients or open a door to new or bigger projects for them, we take the initiative to lead. We are innovators, creating a unique idea and activating it with partners to move toward solution.

We’ve helped to start economic development and education projects in Africa and the Caribbean.  We’ve partnered on healthcare projects that impacted the US and India, and we’ve instigated life-saving transporation initiatives in Africa. 

Operationally Active in Crisis

We have become a “go to” resource for clients when there’s an urgent situation that needs a special resource. Resilience is a super power and only comes from the right kind of network; the kind we have that can do just about anything.

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